There are several support groups being formed since the mass shooting that occured in Florida on last Wednesday. There are also many people joining in on the #neveragain movement both locally and nationally. Locally there are moms trying to get the Moms Demands Action movement up and moving. Oxford resident Angela Moore Atkins is also interested in raising money for the movement.

(Inserts quote from Angela Moore Atkins)

The Moms Demand Action MS group was formed in 2012. This support group stemmed from the Moms Against Drunk Driving support group.These moms all have a common interest when it comes to aiming to enforce stronger gun laws, and policies that will reduce gun violence and save lives. They feel as if due to the lack of stronger gun laws, this will only continue to be an ongoing issue. Everyday there are 86 Americans who die due to a gun.” We can support the second amendment while doing so much more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and make our communities safer,” Moms Demand Action group of MS.

“I was just lucky to be in the room where it happened,” Lance Scott, the seventeen year old senior from Rockledge, Florida said of his involvement with the growing organization. “I’ve been close friends with Sarah Chadwick, one of the student leaders from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, since we attended camp together.”

Chadwick, who gained national attention when her now-deleted tweet to President Donald Trump stating that she didn’t “want [his] condolences” went viral, has emerged as a leading voice for the #Never Again movement.

Alongside classmates Emma Gonzales, Cameron Kasky, David Hogg and Jaclyn Corin, Chadwick joined Scott on February 18th to discuss and finalize the March for Our Lives event that will be held in Washington, D.C. on March 24th and begin plans for the Orlando event that is to be announced.

“The plans are up in the air right now, but we are planning for a date in March,” Scott said. “We hope to march from Marco Rubio’s office to the Pulse nightclub, involve speakers that are survivors and activist, and maybe a mini-concert if we can.”

The Orlando nightclub was the victim of a mass shooting in 2016 when Omar Mateen opened fire and killed 49 people.

Scott said his intentions for the march are not to stir up political conversation, but to make a statement that the issue of gun violence is bigger than just those located in the Parkland area.

“We’re trying to connect to previous events such as the Pulse nightclub, Vegas, and Sandy Hook shootings to highlight the overall issue of gun violence in this country,” Scott said.

The teens have all gained national attention through social media, and Scott believes they would not have the large platform they do now without it.

“I’ve been in contact with Michael Skolnik,” Scott said. “He’s an activist with a large following that has helped us get the word out, and Cameron [Kasky] has received public support from celebrities like Justin Bieber.”

Justin Childs, a student from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, became engaged in the movement through the various tweets and retweets he saw on his timeline that included the #NeverAgain hashtag.

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